Innovative Offerings

At ETHOS Health Communications, we constantly explore new approaches and the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance our activities and bring proprietary innovative offerings to our pharmaceutical partners.

ETHOS EngageTM iPad Meeting Platform
  • Highly interactive award-winning technology solution providing advisors with new ways to interact with meeting content and contribute to discussions, resulting in additional insights and actionable recommendations
  • ETHOS Engage is fully customizable for a variety of live events, including advisory board and speaker training meetings
  • Innovative engagement platform that allows for real-time interaction and collection of medical expert insights and feedback
  • ETHOS Notion enhances engagement opportunities and provides back-end data collection and analytics
ETHOS Med AcademyTM
  • High-impact microtutorials that increase message retention
  • ETHOS Med Academy is ideal for field force training or as a field force tool


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