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Solutions in

Hematology and Oncology

ETHOS partners with companies that are making a difference in hematology and oncology.  Our extensive experience in the field, and our deep passion for the advancements that are turning patients into survivors, is what makes ETHOS successful in this rapidly changing therapeutic area.  We have built a team of hematology and oncology experts with the specialized scientific knowledge needed to communicate the science, and deliver the most effective messages, for hematology and oncology brands.

Solutions in

Immunology and Neurology


ETHOS’ core competencies have proven effective in the field of Immunology. Our robust experience in the area spans 15+ years supporting over 20 products. Immunology is a dynamic field of discoveries and breakthroughs and our team of experts in immunology is well versed in the latest developments and adept at interpreting the scientific data underlying the cutting-edge advances of new mechanisms and immunotherapies.


ETHOS has extensive experience working in all disciplines of neurology including psychiatry, neurodegenerative disorders, neuromuscular diseases and pain.  Our highly trained staff consisting of neuroscientists and marketing professionals provide our clients with valuable strategy and innovative solutions.  We have established strong relationships with numerous medical experts in the field, yielding significant scientific insights leading to high-impact strategic solutions for our clients.

Solutions in Rare Disease and Gene Therapy

ETHOS is committed to partnering with companies that are helping to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare diseases and those who will benefit from gene therapies.  We have supported more than 25 rare diseases and gene therapy targets and have a deep understanding of the inherent challenges our clients face in the commercialization process. Our extensive experience and advanced knowledge in the area has led to the development of the ETHOS 4T Framework™ for success in rare disease and gene therapy.

We build long-term relationships based on performance and trust, and we are proud to say that client referrals are a key source of our growth.

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